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The mood of a room can be transformed by the perfectly selected piece of stained glass art. Whether it be serenity, whimsy, or reverence, glass artist Rickey Turner is skilled at crafting works to suit individual tastes and specifications. In addition to a guarantee of customer satisfaction, Turner provides free consultations and estimates. References from delighted patrons speak of his gift with glass and his ability to listen to his clients and transform their thoughts into art.

Copper Foil & Lead Came Construction

Turner's stained glass pieces are created in styles chosen specifically for the client.
Copper Foil is best suited for multi-pieced work that requires intricate detailing.
Lead Came construction lends itself to geometric, straight line, or gently curving patterns.

Complete Customization
Turner selects the appropriate came based on the client's design. Pieces can be constructed using lead, brass, copper, and zinc. Turner also works with an array of glass options including clear, stained, glass painting, beveled, custom beveled, beveled clusters, and acid etched. Works are available on four construction levels and priced accordingly:

Simple (2 to 12 pieces of glass per square foot)
Moderate (13 to 23 pieces of glass per square foot)
Detail (24 to 44 pieces of glass per square foot)
Intense (45 or more pieces of glass per square foot)

Traditional Glass Stainers' Paints
Traditional glass stainers' paints are generally opaque since they are usually used to control the quanity and character of the light passing through the glass. This category of paint is usually used for tracing and matting of glass pieces.

Transparent and Opaque Enamels
Enamels are available in a wide variety of colors although the selection is more extensive in opaques than in transparents. The use of transparent enamels should not be considered as a substitute for pot metal glass, but rather an enhancement were small areas are being used.

Silver Stains
Unlike glass stainers' paints or transparent enamels, silver stain penetrates the glass and becomes an integral and permanent part of the chemical structure of the glass. It is the basis of the name 'Stained Glass'. Silver stains are used extensively to create beautiful hues of amber.

Acid/Blaster Etching
Etching is done by use of chemicals and/or blaster. Does not include design of pattern if applicable or materials.

Repair damaged panels.

A 50% down payment is required with the remaining balance paid upon completion. If the order for the material cannot be cancelled, the down payment will not be refunded.

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