• Brazilian Wax Bootcamp Client Testimonials

    Our student's satisfaction and experience is of the utmost importance to us.  Listed below are just some of their testimonies.  

    Brazilian Wax Bootcamp - October 17, 2020

     "Mrs. Amy did an excellent job with the Brazilian boot camp.  The fact that the class was so hands on was perfect and we also got to experiment with different types of waxes to better understand how they work in such a sensitive area and to see which one we would prefer using.  I honestly feel like I've learned more from this class than I've learned from any video or book that I've tried to read or watch dealing with this matter." L. Hardin

    "I just wanted to Thank you again for having the Brazilian Wax Class!  This class was very well organized.  This class really helped me and gave me the confidence I needed with Brazilian Waxing especially since it's not offered in our curriculum (I wish it was) Brazilian Waxing and Vajacials are becoming so popular and this training is needed.  The class you instructed was very detailed and provided so much information especially on sanitation and the correct way to perform a Brazilian wax.  I really like how small the class was so that your attention could be given to each student.  Being able to provide our own model was a huge plus!!!  Most classes only consist of the teacher demonstrating but not actually having a hands on class.  After the class I feel like I would be prepared to definitely be on my own.  Again Thank you so much!" L. Marthel